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Home Advice and information Family When your child turns 16
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When your child turns 16

Please note: This advice does not apply if you are receiving universal credit. Please call the Gingerbread helpline for specific advice if you are receiving universal credit.

page last updated 06.01.16


jmea avatar
07 January 2014 11:53

Thanks for the information. I have been searching for a proper explanation for the last 24 hours. The Directgov LHA bedroom calculator indicates that I am eligible for a 2-bedroom allowance. My local authority (Trafford) tells me I can only have a 1-bedroom allowance because I have not been receiving the Child Benefit for my 16-year old daughter. Up to now my ex has received the CB despite my daughter moving-in with me full-time 8 months ago. This doesn't seem fair: she is seen neither as my dependent child nor as a 16-year old adult.

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