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Single dads' stories

Dad giving his daughter a piggy back on the beachWondering how other single dads have coped with a difficult situation, or what life’s like for them and their children? Read our inspiring single dads’ stories below. 

"I’m not sure I realised quite what I had taken on. I surprise myself at times. My life is so different now to how it was ten years ago but I couldn’t imagine it any other way."

Read Dan's story.

"We’ve got a routine. On Saturdays we go shopping, Sundays it’s swimming. We went to London for Chinese new year, we manage to do different things even though we don’t have much money."

Read Jonathan's story.

“Jo’s best friend from the age of nine has two girls who have always said that Harvey’s their brother and just part of the family.”

Read Chris' story of becoming a single dad after losing his partner, Jo. 

"I don’t see myself as being any different to a single mum. Apart from breast feeding, there is nothing a dad cannot do as well as a mum and vice versa."

Read Leigh's story of building a support network for him and his daughter.

"I don’t think employers expect a man to be on his own with a child, let alone a baby."

Read how Eddie adapted to life as a single dad after the sudden death of his wife.

"I have the impression that women talk and share, touch and empathise. Men? Well, unless it is in the pub, they don't reveal their emotion."

Read Steve's story of coping after separation.


PAULG73 avatar
06 July 2016 03:42

I have been separated from my ex for nearly 5 years, we have two very beautiful girls together. I currently share 50% access of our children and thoroughly enjoy our time together. However my continues to attempt to cause problems. This has resulted in my eldest daughter who's 10 no longer coming and recently my ex has now stopped my youngest who's 5yrs no longer coming. Now my calls have been reduced to two aweek and my girls are now changing so much and not wanting to talk to me. I use to have such a lovely bond with our girls. I'm currently waiting for the matter to go to the courts, again.!!!! advice from all parties please?

Diane-123 avatar
24 October 2015 12:31

Hi I'm a single mum of 4, and very lonely as I'm a full time carer would enjoy some adult conversation sometimes and company.

lisa69 avatar
24 May 2015 15:40

i am a single mother , I live in brighton I have 2 boys 13 and 10. my older son is disabled and in a full time wheelchair. my 10 yr old has learning difficulties. I understand what everyone is saying, how hard it is to sit down for 5 minutes for a chat or a glass of vino with a adult. if any one does have time on a weekend on a evening for a vino, it would be nice to meet new friends . cheers lisa x

Michael_0088 avatar
27 November 2013 20:13

I came to live in England with my 11 year old son in April 2008. Dad had just passed away and we attended the funeral with Mom. My wife passed away from cancer in South Africa in May 2007. She was only 38 years off age at the time. We stayed with Mom for a year before we got owe own home. Know my son is in college and doing very well indeed. However I was very blessed that both my parents were British. Life does go on and new doors open.

mesha avatar
07 May 2012 12:43

I am a single mum of a 3 week old gorgeous boy and am scared of the loneliness factor so good to know there are people out there in the same situation as myself. It will be tough but I wouldn't have it any other way, you just find a way. The love of your child gets you through.....

ALICED avatar
26 April 2012 21:30's very tough being a single parent and working full time! I'm 28 and have two children - and my life seems to revolve around work and spending my weekends bonding with them :-). Do miss the adult conversation though...

anne43 avatar
07 March 2012 21:51

hi i really admire you, i'm 43 and found out i was pregnant with my third wasn't planned and reasons why i became pregnant,but my partner or rather ex partner was dissapointed - i was told i was having a girl and also told me i can get benefits when baby finally arrives lol, just the support and encouraging words i was waiting to hear, not! i have a 17 and 21 yr old and i also would benefit from adult conversation, as work colleagues are just that :) so write me i don't bite haha

MATT31 avatar
02 March 2012 22:19

I am a single Dad of a 3 year old. I had to fight through the courts for my son. Even though it was very expensive, I don't regret it at all. I also work for time, including having to work overtime in order to pay for the court case and my day to day bills. As a result, I don't get to have much of a life other than my son and work. It would be nice to have an adult conversation sometimes and possible adult company. Anyone have any advice??

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