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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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How we are run

Gingerbread is governed by a board of between 12 and 17 trustees, which sets the charity’s direction and priorities and ensure the organisation is effective and accountable.  The Trustees give their time voluntarily and are not paid.

The Board meetings seven times a year to develop the overall purpose and direction of Gingerbread, ensure the charity is financially sound, and scrutinise performance.  Input from surveys of and consultations with single parents helps shape decisions about Gingerbread’s policy, services and strategy. 

The Board completed a review of Governance in 2009 reviewing the role of Trustees, the Trustee code of conduct, conflicts of interest, composition of the Board, tenure of Trustees and how the Board operates in line with the Charity Commission guidance “Hallmarks of an Effective Charity”.

The Board has a Finance Committee that oversees the financial health of Gingerbread.  The Nominations Committee oversees the process of recruiting Trustees with the mix of skills, experience, understanding of single parents lives and diversity we seek.

Trustees bring to Gingerbread a wide range of vital skills we need to ensure we operate effectively.  Most Trustees are single parents, from single parent families or have direct experience of the issues affecting single parents professionally.

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