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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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Gingerbread teams

We work together across four departments to provide expert advice and information, practical support and training, and campaigning to improve the lives of single parent families.

Policy, advice and communications
Income and supporter relations
Finance and support


Our range of face to face training programmes makes use of Gingerbread’s in-depth understanding of single parent needs to help them move along the pathway to work by developing their skills and building their confidence. We provide tailored employability training and practical support to prepare them for work or education.

The national programmes team works with major partners from the public, private and voluntary sector to organise training and work experience for single parents across the country, including the successful Marks & Start programme. We support single parents to find long-term paid work, and manage the performance, quality and impact of our face to face programmes.

Operational teams based in London, Wales and North West England work closely with local partners to organise learning opportunities and return-to-work support for single parents, in response to local need. Our teams understand the needs of single parents and the resources available in their communities, and are highly skilled at motivating and engaging hard to reach groups of single parents, and delivering programmes on time and on budget.

Our practitioner e-newsletter is sent to a large network of professionals alerting them to developments that affect their work with single parents.

Policy, advice and communications

Our aim is to reach as many of the UK’s two million single parents as possible with our information and advice, our communications and our campaigns.

As the leading organisation in the UK voicing the concerns  of single parents to government and the media, we are widely recognised as the centre of expertise on single parents and key issues such as poverty, employment, child maintenance, family law and benefits. Our policy team works closely with politicians, officials, academics, think tanks and other voluntary organisations to undertake primary research, identify relevant policy issues and press for change.

The provision of information and advice to single parents is at the heart of what Gingerbread does. In the current economic climate our ability to offer expert, independent and reliable information and advice is more important than ever, as is the delivery of a fully integrated multi-channel information offer so that single parents can access our services when and how they need to.

Our advice and information team provides telephone and online advice and information to single parents on the complex issues affecting their families; including benefits, tax credits, making arrangements with their child’s other parent, child maintenance, family law, employment and housing. The team also uses feedback from single parents to inform our work and ensure we stay grounded in the real life experiences of single parents, as well as to inform our policy and campaigning work.

The communications team leads the delivery of high quality and integrated communications across all our channels: building Gingerbread’s brand and profile, marketing Gingerbread’s services effectively, and developing powerful and engaging campaigns. This team manages Gingerbread’s online presence, works with the media to increase awareness of the issues facing single parent families, and oversees all our communications to make sure more single parents know we are here to support them.  

Income and supporter relations

We build strong relationships and networks with donors, supporters and members to ensure that Gingerbread can generate income to support our work.  A key focus is the need to diversify income sources and ensure we have a strategy to grow and sustain income generation so that we can meet the needs of more single parents.

Statutory and corporate grants and contracts provide a significant proportion of Gingerbread’s income, requiring close liaison with funding partners and development of new bids for future work.

Business development generates new business, winning contracts and tenders to deliver training, employability programmes and other support services for single parents. We lead on and coordinate bids, as well as negotiating contracts and service level agreements.

Our trust and grant specialists build relationships with and bid for grants from charitable trusts and the Big Lottery.

Individual giving raises vital unrestricted income through donations from individual supporters and major donors, and from participation in fundraising events such as fun runs.

Gingerbread is a membership organisation with over 50,000 single parent members,  a network of Gingerbread friendship groups providing local support for single parents, and a strong community on our online forums.  The membership and groups team develop membership benefits, including a monthly e-newsletter, engage with our members and groups, and ensure that single parents’ voices are heard, so that Gingerbread can provide the services they need.

We enjoy the support of  high profile ambassadors and vice presidents,  such as Martina Cole, Arabella Weir, Neil Pearson, John Amaechi, Laila Rouass and Tracey Edwards MBE.

Finance and support

Our small team of support staff provide the finance, IT, HR and facilities services. They ensure that Gingerbread has the infrastructure and support in place to enable teams to deliver services to single parents effectively. The team is responsible for the day to day management of support activities and ensuring that they continue to represent value for money.

Finance staff are responsible for the day to day financial management and processing, budgeting and forecasting, and producing monthly management information, as well as developing the financial strategy for the charity. IT staff ensure that our IT and telecoms systems are effective and reliable. Human resources staff are responsible for providing professional support in areas such as recruitment, equal opportunities and diversity, and ensuring the organisation promotes good employment practice and learning and development. Our facilities staff ensure that the working environment helps us work efficiently and sustainably, and that we make best use of our offices.

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