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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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Young single parents

Families come in all shapes and sizes, with parents of all ages. Here we share stories, blogs and tips for and from young single parents.

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Naomi shares her thoughts on other people's perspectives of her as a young single mum.

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Battling post-partum psychosis as a young mum

Rachel is a single mum to her one-year-old son Thomas. She tells her story of stigma, post-partum psychosis and why seeking and accepting help is so important.

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Finding love again

From teen mum to career high flyer

Sacha became a single parent at age 16. Here she talks about leaving home as a teenager, steep learning curves and letting her and her children’s achievements speak louder than the stereotypes.

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Elle - Gingerbread avatar
Elle - Gingerbread
14 November 2016 10:30

Hi there,

We know that being a single parent can be really difficult, I wanted to link you to some things which I hope you will find useful:

- Talk to others on our forum:  Lots of parents who feel similar to you are talking to each other on the forum. You need to be logged into our site to access the threads. I recommend that you join a conversation which has already begun rather than posting a new topic because many people wont see it.

- Find a friendship group near you:  you will need to be logged in to see the contact details for any of the groups

- Talk to an adviser: We have a monthly Ask an Adviser session where you can submit a question you might have. Its important to include as much information about your situation as possible so they can give you advice that best suits. Alternatively you could call the helpline and speak directly to an adviser:

Wishing you all the best, Elle

Pipper1966 avatar
03 November 2016 23:25

Im soo lonley .i got a autistic child of 4 and a baby of 5 months all he dose is cry .i dont go no were only when i have too .i have no close friends i find it hard to make new friends cause of my autisic child .he hard work !! I only got my mum she works .she helps as much she can .i just feel so worthless and lonley .please can anyone give me advise .

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