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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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Single parent blogs

We hear from single parents about their experiences accessing accurate and regular child maintenance, and how this impacts on the well-being of their children.

We’re working hard to ensure that more children in single parent families receive the child maintenance they deserve. See what we’re doing to make a change.

boy at window

My son deserved better

Despite having a relatively positive experience with the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), Tanya explains why more needs to be done to close the loopholes in the CMS that allow parents to pay less than their true income. 

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Lee and her song

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Lee talks about the frustrations all parents face with the child maintenance service, and how the loopholes in CMS end up effecting all of us.

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Kids alphabet board

My son is at the back of the queue again ... but I am standing with him

Rachel describes the reality of non-payment, and the impact it has on her son’s well-being. Rachel believes the CMS must start putting children first.

Read Rachel's blog

Kids playing

Worlds apart, the difference between payment and non-payment

Anna is a single parent to two children by two fathers. After facing the frustrations of challenging a system that seemed to excuse the evasiveness of an absent father, Anna now recognises the positive difference regular child maintenance payments can have.

Read Anna's blog

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The new child maintenance service seems powerless to get parents to pay

Single mum of one, Susan gave up her permanent job three years ago to become a self-employed administrator so she could work more flexible hours. She is calling on the CMS to close the loopholes that allow parents to avoid payments.

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Ursula, mum of two

Maintenance across borders

Urusla, single mum of two children aged 14 and 22, talks about the challenges she continues to face getting child maintenance when her child’s other parent lives in another country.

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Kate and daugther

More support for the 1 in 4

Kate, single mum of one, is frustrated that not enough is done to support single parent families with their child maintenance. But, determined to succeed, she’s managed to make her situation work for her.

Read Kate's blog

Callie blogs for Gingerbread's child maintenance campaign

Our children deserve better

Callie, single mum of one, says that given single parents experience higher rates of child poverty, the state has a duty to hold the non-paying parents to account, and ensure children receive the maintenance they deserve.

Read Callie's blog

It's sad child maintenance has to exist

It's sad child maintenance has to exist

Sarah, single mum of one, talks about the constant struggles she’s faced accessing child maintenance for her son.

Read Sarah's blog

Situations change

Situations change

Rosie, single mum of one, explains that problems with child maintenance have meant she’s been forced to make ‘eat or heat’ decisions.

Read Rosie's blog


Rebranded…but still no cash!

Stacey, single mum of her five year old son, talks about the complications of the child maintenance service and the impact this has had on her son.

Read Stacey's blog


It isn’t about me: it’s about our children

Lizzie, single mum of twins, talks about a culture of non-payment where children end up losing out.  

Read Lizzie's blog


mel_meggymoo avatar
31 January 2017 15:17

Tell the CMO service about changes to HIS circumstances which they ask you to do, because he has failed to notify them....when I do, they say "prove it!" 😳 "NO! You bloody prove it! Isn't that what the CMO service is there to do!?" Seriously at the end of my tether now with the CMO service 😫 A self employed ex partner earning £65k a year and only declaring to HMRC that he earned £11k. I am no money grabbing ex, I work hard myself but the least he can do is provide my daughter with a decent amount of money to contribute towards her life and upbringing! The CMO service don't care, they've got no compassion that the child in question is the priority in all of this! And what is all that about basing it on last years earnings??? yeah he may of declared £11k for the year 2015-2016, but 2017 he is living the high life by swaning off to the Maldives, creating more innocent children, living in a 4 bedroom house in a rural area, and driving his BMW while living on his £65k for the current year. While I have to work even more hours, seeing very little of my daughter, because all the CMO service have is HMRC figures of £11k!! Absolute JOKE of a service! Perhaps they need educating by social services about children and poverty, perhaps these fathers who do not contribute a decent amount based on their earnings should be in court over "child neglect!" It's exactly the same if the parent with care decided not to feed and clothe the child! That is exactly what these bent fathers are doing!!!! 😳 NOW BREATH...... After chatting to a Gingerbread advisor for the best part of about an hour, i have come to the conclusion that I have zero faith in the CMO service, and WILL be doing a "mandatory reconsideration" on the variation I requested. If that comes back as rejected I am most definitely going to tribunal!!! According to the Gingerbread advisor, tribunals are so different from CMO service! Tribunals will actually investigate it themselves, unlike CMO service who wants you to obtain evidence yourself! Quite looking forward to a forensic accountant looking through his accounts.... let's see what he actually didn't declare to HMRC above the £65k he declared 🤔 The last few months have been horrendous for me, he has not paid a penny... so the whole of Christmas and my daughters birthday I've had to struggle and live off beans on toast 😫 Apart from Christmas Day when I got a free roast dinner at my dads house 😂👌🏼 Due to the fact my daughter is now 10 years old, she can see what her father is doing to me and the stress it has caused in my home due to the strain of Christmas and birthday!! Trying to keep up with what my daughters friends parents buy their kids is hard work when you are doing it alone! Someone please do something to change this system, self employed people are getting a free ride and are neglecting their children and their needs!! Bring on the day of the tribunal where justice can be served!! 💪🏼 Until then I shall carry on eating my beans on toast everyday 🙄

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