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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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General Election 2015: Single Parents Decide

We’ve worked with our 50,000 members to identify what most concerns single parents, and the kinds of changes that could help their families.

Top of single parents’ wish lists are:

Take a look at our other post-election campaign priorities.

Help us highlight the issues that matter to you

Our campaign aims to make sure politicians are aware of just how important these issues are. Let’s show them the power of the single parent voice and the strength of support behind our policy calls.

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Ahead of the election we invited you to send us your personal message to politicians about the issues that concern you and the changes you want to see. Take a look at the fantastic photos and messages we received:
I voted because...

What do politicians think?

We asked MPs from the three main parties who have experience of single parent life to share their stories with us, and the following candidates have blogged for us:

We also wrote to the main party leaders to ask for their views on the issues that single parents care about.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our campaign, please drop us a line at


yana2013 avatar
11 May 2015 15:08

I am a single parent with two children, both under 8 years. I work in the City for time, and I am considering going part time and resigning from my job. It is so difficult. However I would need to take into consideration the financial implications, as I have a mortgage on my home. There is not enough financial support out there....think about it, one person doing everything! Its exhausting.

Caroline_7339 avatar
26 April 2015 22:44

I have struggled with work and childcare for nearly 10 years now and have been through almost every scenario you could imagine.

amia_t avatar
21 April 2015 22:20

I'm a full time working, single Mum of an 18 month old. I have a shared ownership property and my child attends nursery full time - the child tax credit simply isn't enough. I'm seriously on the breadline every month, and despite earning what I consider a low-mid salary, I'm seriously wondering if I'd be better off on benefits! Single working parents need more financial support!

Twizzle avatar
05 March 2015 20:57

I don't understand what politicians mean when they say that breakfast clubs and after school clubs be made available to all children - our primary school has these but they are so over-subscribed it's impossible to get a place for my child - so how then are they available to all?

Biscuit avatar
26 February 2015 19:27

I think single parents should be treated fairly as it is a hard enough job when there are two parents, let alone one.

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