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HMRC compliance checks through Concentrix

This page has been archived.
Please see here for up to date advice and information.

Please note: this is not a HMRC or Concentrix webpage. 

Concentrix are a company who were hired by HMRC to carry out tax credits checks until May 2017. Their contract has been terminated and their investigations and checks have ended. Concentrix used automated systems to carry out searches of financial records. Their searches triggered investigations called compliance checks.

See our statement about Concentrix here

If you were investigated by Concentrix and had your tax credits suspended or stopped and wish to make a complaint you can contact HMRC .

Other tax credits information

Reporting changes in your circumstances – if your circumstances have changed, for example if you’ve changed your working hours, started living with a new partner or changed your childcare arrangements, see our factsheet tax credits when your circumstances change for information on when you should inform HMRC.

Other sources of help and support

Call the Gingerbread helpline for support and expert advice on anything from dealing with a break-up, to going back to work or sorting out maintenance, benefit or tax credit issues: 0808 802 0925. Calls are free.

Join our forum and talk to other single parents.

Page updated 17/01/17


CJStoke avatar
13 September 2016 12:29

I renewed my tax credits as normal in July 2016 and this was accepted via telephone. In August I was then amazed to find that my CTC had stopped. I work full time and my son is 8 so childcare is very important to me. I phoned tax credits who informed me that my childcare had stopped due to a letter they sent to me in April. I informed I could 100% faithfully inform I had received no letter requesting my childcare information. In previous years I have been requested this information and always provided what was needed of me. They then advised me to fill in a mandatory reconsideration which I sent recorded delivery with all my bank statements and child-minder contract. It is 5 weeks later and I have not had anything correspondence back. I have tried phoning and the line is either constantly engaged or when I finally get through I am on hold for a least 45 mins to be told they are very busy.......They must be very busy as it seems they have sent invisible letters to claimants who are totally confused and frustrated to have their money stopped. Its a disgrace!!!. I am now writing to my local MP as I believe this helps. Luckily my parents have been able to lend me the money for my sons childcare until this is sorted out or I may have lost my childcare and without childcare I would not have a job.

Lf  avatar
01 September 2016 18:21

I agree with everyone points here , this is a real problem for one parent familys. It's not right that we are all singled out for living without a partner and those that move to another property and don't change their details makes us look like we are all up to something but we anit. I think that now when people rent a property should also fill in the election roll form ,this should stop people being accused of something that is false information.

Mzptm avatar
30 August 2016 13:26

Where do I start?! Concentrix have totally taken the mick! I got my letter requesting information, which I sent recorded delivery costing £15! Unfortunately they received it ONE DAY LATE! 4WEEKS without any payment, 4 weeks!! With 4 children living on £60pw in the school holidays is awful, not to mention I have no school uniform for them to go back next week. Ooo and the helpful Customer service advisors only information was "it's not my fault, it'll take as long as it takes" So what am I supposed to do?? Yes you've got it nothing, there isn't anything I can do. Currently having to use our local food bank, my bank charges are astronomical. I don't have family where I live after fleeing domestic violence. And guess what triggered it! The people who lived here prior to me haven't changed their address, totally ridiculous

mitty avatar
26 August 2016 05:51

Well that company have just out me back in debt again. After waiting 40 min for them to answer they said I may not have any money for 30days. I rely on my bursary to pay my rent and my tax credits to get shopping and direct debits. I am a student so now I will be getting into more debt as I can't pay my direct debts this month, also need school uniform. I don't know where to turn for help. They are just unhelpful and don't see how they can just stop your money. It's ridiculous the amount of paper work they want. Iv been awake since 3am worrying how I am going to get through this month.

Lf  avatar
26 August 2016 03:43

Got a letter saying that they closed my single claim . No letter received prior to this one. Rang ctc and they told me that's it cause I haven't declared a partner living with me .I told them I don't have a partner so they to contact concentrix . I tried 7 times and was just left waiting. I have wasted 3 hours of my time and money with them not answering. Im now writing a letter to hmrc to sudmit a complaint and also to ask to sudmit a mandatory claim for my ctc to be reinstated as the informatin which concentrix holds is false and concentrix stopped my claim without asking for any paperwork to prove that it's just me and my son who live there . This is unfair on single parent and that we are being singled out because we live without a partner so pick on us . This is bang out of order . Now me and my son don't have any family where we live as they have left the area to move to different places and towns. So without the ctc I'm going to suggle with bills and food . I buy my electric weekly as I'm on meters and top up weekly so now I'm screwed cause I won't have the ctc each week . God know how we will live until they sort it .

blue74 avatar
20 August 2016 09:05

I haven't received an initial letter that they said they'd sent back in june. They've stopped my child tax credits so now I have next to nothing coming in. nothing for 2 weeks. Apparently I can get a mandatory consideration, so they've sent a letter out requesting a whole heap of information. I've just spent my last pence in the phone box as my mobile is broken. So how I'm supposed to get the information with no money I don't know. My saving grace ismy son is with his dad the next 2 weeks

laiquendai avatar
15 August 2016 14:33

I never received an initial letter from Concentrix - only a letter informing me they had completed their checks - I'm now without child tax credits, and an overpayment from last year of £7707 because they believed my ex husband was still living with me (he moved out in 2010 and I divorce was finalized in April this year). This is a lot of stress to be put under especially now when I'm struggling to meet ends meet while I sort out the issues and all the documents they have requested.

Jo Mo avatar
Jo Mo
14 August 2016 19:31

I received a letter last year, I think I mut have been one of the first as it was easy to get hold of Concentrix, they told me they agreed it was ludicrous and that 30,000 letters had been sent to lone parents, talk about marginalising a group of people. I sent all my papers after getting reassurance that they were employed by HMRC, I have never had a partner at this address, I live with my 14 years old son. God alone knows what that must have cost the tax payer!!

Delightfu11debs avatar
12 August 2016 21:13

I also had a letter from these people asking for bank statements a whole years and other things which I gladly provided for them . As they also said I was living with a partner hhmmm ok then with out any explanation my tax credits have been stopes for the last three weeks .. I'm also a single parent with two small children and work and I do every thing by the book and this happens to me also . So in the last four weeks I was on the sick at work whilst this happened and Iv had to live on 320 for a month till I return back to work and get a half decent wage to pay my bills , Iv had to cancel all my direct debits cause I couldn't afford bank charges when they bounce .. Iv had to stay at my mams , my other daughters just to help out as I cnt even afford to put electric and gas on I'm fuming they think they can just treat u like this with out any explanation what so ever . And to top it off they said they stopped my credits cause I had my mams disabilitie money going into my account until she got her self a new bank account ( we obviously don't have the same surname ) I explained this in a letter heading when I sent off the credentials they wanted .. On the phone the man says to me well how do we know it's your mother ? It could be ur partner bloody hell I nearly fell to the floor I said check the bloody ref that goes with it ? Did they do that ? No they didn't they have just said I'm not entitled to any and I have to pay X amounts of money I think not I will fight this all the way Iv done nothing wrong what so ever Iv now got to work more hours less time with my kids just to try and make ends meet who are these people who can just come and destroy some one life with out even checking out the full extent of things, off to citizen advice see what they have to say and for the life me Iv searched a number of avenues to see what rights we have if any at all an I will fight for what is right surely some one should be able to fight our corner .. Heaven knows if all fails I'll leave my job and go on social or what ever they call it these days this is what this company will do to people I. Worked since the day Iv left school I dnt see why they should be able to do this without real evidence of any crime committed .. Why don't the target the dole wollers who can actually work yet falsely claim benefits I'm there is a much larger scale of things there ooooo rant over hopefully I'll be able to sort something out I feel sorry for all those people who are going through the same things as me it's just not fair

nickyboy37 avatar
12 August 2016 15:42

This lot have put some much stress on me. I'm a single dad looking after my disabled son. Two months ago I was contacted by concentrix saying another adult was living with me, which isn't true I've been single five years, I had to send proof of my divorce,with bank statements,rent agreement and bills I had a letter today two months after I sent the information. Returning what I sent saying they will write soon in regards to my tax credits, I have been honest with them but am stressing the tax credits put food on table etc.. If we lose that we will be homeless as I can't work full time. Has anyone else had such a letter.

Shrop lad avatar
Shrop lad
07 July 2016 09:55

I had a letter from Concentrix back in May this year, it really concerned me as it said it had information that someone lived with me ( I only live with my 15 yr old son) I phoned them and they said I had to send all the information they requested which was bank statements, rental agreement, council tax letter, and all my household bills. I was not happy as it cost me an ink cartridge of £13 to print all my statements off and another £9 for postage. I phoned them again asking who is it they believe lives with me, they then said do I know this person giving me a name to which I said yes it's my ex wife, they said they believed she is living with me as they have information from a credit reference that she is, I said we had a loan which we took out in both names 3 years ago and I'm still paying it as it was mine although it was in joint names, they asked me to send another letter with that information which I did. Today I had a letter back from Concentrix saying they had done their checks and everything is fine, and my tax credits award is correct and don't need amending. I know it's a pain but if you have nothing to hide like me get it done the sooner the better then you can relax again.

thejojo avatar
04 March 2016 20:21

I had a letter from them a few months ago doing an audit on the last 18 months of my life. Had to provide every last bit of info you can imagine, all my bank statements, payslips, credit card bill, gas, electric etc etc. Cost me nearly £7 in total postage.... The worst part of all though was having to justify & explain why my father had paid money into my bank account to cover my travel costs to visit him while he was undergoing cancer surgery/treatment, as he lives hundreds of miles form me..... Made me feel like a criminal & found the whole experience very distressing as am such an honest person & yet felt like I,d done something wrong.....

thejojo avatar
04 March 2016 20:19

I had a letter from them a few months ago doing an audit on the last 18 months of my life. Had to provide every last bit of info you can imagine, all my bank statements, payslips, credit card bill, gas, electric etc etc. Cost me nearly £7 in total postage.... The worst part of all though was having to justify & explain why my father had paid money into my bank account to cover my travel costs to visit him while he was undergoing cancer surgery/treatment, as he lives hundreds of miles form me..... Made me feel like a criminal & found the whole experience very distressing as am such an honest person & yet felt like I,d done something wrong.....

Dansmum07 avatar
21 January 2016 20:25 I recieved a letter from this group in November, telling me that I was living with my ex-partner. I have disputed this. I sent in all the paperwork that they asked for, they lost several pieces of thi, and have now concluded that I am living with my ex! The fact that he rents his own flat the opposite side of town from me, matters nothing to them, as when I provided them with his rental agreement, they then said well he must be sub-letting. I have set up a government petition, as I feel that this could be dealt with a lot quicker, and my post would not have got lost, if they had a group email that I could of scanned my paperwork too. I am now in the process of of doing a mandatory reconsideration, and am fully prepared to go all the way to court with this, I have records of all calls made through out the year of 2015, and names of the call handlers that I spoke to. Concentrix have been nothing but rude, cutting me off,and telling me that I am lying. Please sign this petition, as nothing will be done about this unless enough people shout loud enough.

carolbrown avatar
11 January 2016 09:59

Hi I've just joined after a web search about concentrix and finding your site. I want to say DON'T PANIC if you've just received a letter from concentrix. After reading the advice heading the page, I called concentrix and it seems that the audit was triggered by the former tenant still having some details registered here. It's difficult not to worry and stress out when you feel that you're under suspicion and that your income's vulnerable. But please do try to be polite and calm and do contact them. It's a real bind having to collate all the info requested but we just have to do it. MOST OF ALL DON'T WORRY - IT'S PROBABLY SOMETHING SIMPLE THAT'S TRIGGERED THE ENQUIRY.

suzanne44 avatar
04 January 2016 13:21

I have been assisting a disabled person in receipt of working tax credits. Never in my entire life have I been spoken to so rudely by so many staff at Concentrix and I have had to constantly remind them I am the rep not the claimant. Their behaviour is disgraceful and they spend a lot of their time when they are not being rude or putting the phone down, blaming the Inland Revenue. I am currently complaining to both the CEO of the Inland Revenue and Concentrix regarding their behaviour. Concentrix's motto is guilty until proven innocent and their correspondence is not only aggressive but they make accusations without first obtaining any evidence. I used to think the Inland Revenue were the most inefficient and rude organization but Concentrix now takes first place for complete and utter lack of customer service.

Missy12 avatar
15 December 2015 18:31

They have stopped my money 1st dec 2015 , they purposely make it hard for you to contact them, they have no valid email address and put a fake one on the letters , I am doing a petition to get this company scrapped , we need your support an I need my money NOW! this is discrimination against single mums ...

aly74 avatar
27 November 2015 17:12

This whole situation is a farce. I had my tax credits stopped back in April 2015; they have never told me why. Only that I have to prove that I am a single parent. I would like to be able to tell them to prove that I am not a single person. After all these months it ua still not sorted, so I have to make my money strech. This is so not funny, I could scream. Things are getting tougher and Christmas is round the corner. When is mr Osborne and mr Cameron going to see that by cutting working tax credits from people THEY make people not want to go to work! I just don't know what to do or where to go. It seems that they have a backlog of only 3million.

harvess avatar
27 November 2015 10:40

I have also recently had to send reams of paperwork to prove I am indeed living on my own with my four children cost me £10 in total money that to be honest could've been better spent! I've included several things to prove my husband left in January. Had all my paperwork returned today and I'm awaiting the outcome I know I've done nothing wrong and I'm clearly not defrauding them but after watching the panorama programme about them I'm worried stiff they may stop my money and then what would I do? Just be glad when it's all sorted out :(

harvess avatar
27 November 2015 10:39

I have also recently had to send reams of paperwork to prove I am indeed living on my own with my four children cost me £10 in total money that to be honest could've been better spent! I've included several things to prove my husband left in January. Had all my paperwork returned today and I'm awaiting the outcome I know I've done nothing wrong and I'm clearly not defrauding them but after watching the panorama programme about them I'm worried stiff they may stop my money and then what would I do? Just be glad when it's all sorted out :(

clarissabarnes01 avatar
25 November 2015 13:43

I got a letter from concentrix saying they stopped my money cause someone eles was claiming from my house when there wasn't I sent them all info they asked for now I'm living off 30 pound a week with 2 children been 11 weeks so far still haven't had any money every time I ring they just tell me I'm in a list really starting to stress me

BloodyNora avatar
10 November 2015 16:25

I only heard about all of this yesterday when I received a letter. I've been a single parent for 13 years, so their claim of "having information" that I'm living with someone is just bonkers. I've never been married and never had anything like a join bank account that they claim generates their interest in you. I've sent everything they asked for, reluctantly, and wrapped it up in sarcasm

Tessa_9513 avatar
11 July 2015 16:35

I too have received one of these letters, I sent in all the documents weeks before the deadline and they have now had them for about a month and I still have not heard anything. I couldn't understand where they had got the information from as I have been single for a long time, It seems very unfair that single parents are being singled out when all we are trying to do is get by.

Beverley_6981 avatar
17 June 2015 06:05

I too am being accused of having a partner, that does not exist & have to provide a full tax year 2014 to 15 of sensitive information, bank statements, utility bills, CTAX, mortgage, etc etc. how can this prove or disprove anything? It's an absolute insult. I've read (article by Independant Newspaper) that this is to meet Concentrix employees weekly statistics & it is putting huge pressure on charities to help claimants. This is a private USA company who benefits financially from cutting Tax Credits. So does that mean that they don't actually have any information at all that single parents are living with someone else, it's just the easiest group of people to pick on & get away with, whilst meeting their statistics? The article also states that the Concentrix employees are not fully trained & are under pressure to meet huge weekly targets, so lots of errors are being made.

cathy0312 avatar
05 June 2015 11:01

this company dealing with the childcare side of things is an absolute shambles, they should have left it the way it was, i have just taken on a new contract at work (more hours) so called to update my claim and let them know about change in childcare costs for me to phone hm revenue a few days later and they hadnt even done it for me to them call them back again and tell them again about the claim to wich i said to the guy i spoke to is it definatly going to be put through this time and for it to not be and they are not investigating the claim not only that but they have canceled ALL childcare on the claim why i dont have a clue because i did was call and tell them my chilcare costs had gone up by an extra £40 absolute shambles of a company ...... never had so much hastle to take on extra hours in a job in my whole life i am a single parent of two so it is a struggle at the best of times now with no help with childcare at the moment its even worse and taking on more hours has meant to have helped with cash flow ................... i aslo got the letter to "check" my childcare costs and aparently they never recieved the information i sent in 3 weeks before it was due. ******* JOKE

Paulin3 avatar
01 June 2015 20:45

Received a letter on Sat 30th May, though it was dated 1st June!! The list of supporting documents is also insulting. The fact that I had already renewed my claim, confirming I am happily single. To be accused of living/married was bizarre. It has taken a couple of hours of persistence to get through on the phone. After 30 mins on hold. It is suggested my address is being used by someone else. (Ongoing mail thefts in building). Did say do they realise how much postage will be on such a large parcel? Don't have to send everything as bank statements cover DD payments. Reduced list somwhat. Very frustrating & worrying.

MsC avatar
24 May 2015 09:58

Completely agree, it's so upsetting being told to provide every detail about what feels like my life, because I'm outside of their expectation. My 'enquiry' requests everything, bank, utilities, council tax, home office letters, court orders, bankruptcy, pension, the list goes on and these statements are to cover a whole year, be original and who's paying for the recorded deliveries, my time gathering this information -all for the penalty of being a poor honest single parent. Utterly devastating.

alison1064891 avatar
30 April 2015 20:24

I'm not sure I have ever been so insulted! Received my letter today asking for a whole year's worth of bank statements! The government is completely out of touch with reality. It is hard enough being a single parent, without this intrusive inspection of my private life - which apparently I am no longer entitled to. I am trying my hardest Mr P.M. being a mother, father, sole bread winner and studying. My reward for this is being accused of being a criminal without being told the charge!

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