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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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Campaign wins

We campaign so that single parents’ voices are heard and taken seriously.

Alongside single parents, we campaign to influence decisions on the issues that matter most to them. We’re proud of the success our campaigns have had in creating positive change.

With the help of our supporters, we’ve achieved a number of big campaign wins over the years:


London mayor announces more support for childcare

In January, the Mayor of London announced the introduction of a new childcare deposit scheme across all organisations in the Greater London Authority (GLA), including Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade.

The announcement was a direct result of the campaign we ran last year, which called on the Mayor to commit to Upfront: a childcare deposit guarantee, supporting parents to pay for the upfront costs of childcare and helping them get back into work.

You helped us make this change happen by raising awareness of the struggles single parents’ face accessing affordable childcare and putting pressure on the Mayor by emailing him about the campaign. Although we recognise more needs to be done to ensure childcare is affordable for all single parents, this news is a welcomed step forward to making this happen. Thank you for all of your support. 


Single parents londons championsSingle parents: London’s champions

The London mayoral elections in 2016 was a unique opportunity to put childcare on the agenda. We asked candidates standing to be the new Mayor of London to commit to Upfront: a childcare deposit guarantee.

We campaigned with single parents who talked about their own experiences juggling work and accessing affordable childcare in the city. We met with the five main mayoral candidates and asked them to address the needs of London’s 320,000 single parents.

The campaign was successful because all of the candidates committed to addressing childcare in some way. We’re now working with the London General Assembly on their childcare plans. This is an amazing result, and could result in a significant step forward for childcare in London.


Tax credit cuts scrapped

In 2015, the government proposed to cut working tax credits in April 2016. This would have had huge and devastating impact on the lives of single parent families.

We campaigned alongside single parents to speak out against the proposed cuts. Single parents wrote campaigns blogs, were active on social media and even attended meetings in the House of Lords to tell parliamentarians how important tax credits are in making ends meet.

In the Autumn Spending Review, the Chancellor then announced he was scrapping the first wave of cuts. This was a fantastic result for single parent families across the country.

end child poverty stunt

Money Matters

Gingerbread campaigns as a member of the End Child Poverty coalition to end child poverty in the UK.

In 2015, we launched the Money Matters campaign in response to the government’s plans to remove income as a measurement of child poverty.

We called on the government to maintain income-related measures of child poverty because we know that income matters to children’s lives. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of online campaigners, we successfully lobbied the government who committed to continue to publish details of household income. In this way, child poverty would be measured in relation to family finances. This was a great success because it means the government is still accountable and can be challenged on income-related measures of child poverty.



More support for childcare costs

In 2014 thanks to sustained pressure applied by Gingerbread and a number of other charities the Chancellor George Osborne announced that the government would increase the financial support available for childcare once the government's new benefits system, universal credit, is rolled-out. This will make a big difference to thousands of parents struggling to who can't afford to work.

Flexible work

The first ever national "Flexible Work Day"

In December 2014 we organised the first-ever "Flexible Work Day". We asked everyone - from employers to employees, unions to businesses, charities to politicians - to use the hashtag #FlexiWorkDay and post on Twitter about why they think flexible working is a good thing.

The support we gained shows just how strongly people feel about the need for more flexible jobs: over 700 messages were sent out in support of flexible working.


Child maintenance charges

Cuts to child maintenance charges

Ever since the government announced it was going to start charging single parents who access the vital support of the child maintenance service, we've petitioned them with a simple message: drop the charges.

And, we're making headway. We’ve secured a reduction in the upfront fee single parents have to pay to access the new Maintenance Service from £100 to £20 as well as a cut in the collection charge for single parents from 7% of their maintenance payments to 4%.

Find out more about our ongoing campaign calling on a fairer child maintenance service for single parents.


A pledge by politicians to end single parent stigma

In 2010 119 MPs, including the then party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg, signed-up to support our "Lose the Labels" campaign, making a pledge to confront single parent stigma wherever they find it.

Ensuring political figures set an example in the way they talk about single parents is vital if we are going to end the stereotyping that single parents continue to face. We know that stigma persists but we remain committed to bringing this to an end and to showcasing the fantastic job that single parents do in raising their children and caring for their family.

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