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Check your benefit entitlements

The Turn2us Benefits Calculator will help you check your benefit entitlements as a single parent responsible for one or more children. Whether you are in work or out of work, you could be missing out on financial support. Using the information you provide, this free calculator will give you an estimate of your benefit entitlement based on your circumstances.

Who can use this calculator?

Most single parents can use the calculator. However, if you are a student or have fluctuating income, special rules may apply to your situation. Because of this, the estimate provided by the benefits calculator might not be right. If this applies to you, you should contact the Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline, and an adviser can go through your circumstances and check your entitlements over the phone.

mum and daughter working on computer

Before you start, you’ll need the following information to hand:

  • Details of all your income. This includes:
  • Income from work and how many hours you work each week
  • Income from any benefits you receive
  • Income from any tax credits you receive
  • Details of how much money you have in savings or other capital assets
    (this could include property, but don’t include the home you live in)
  • The amount of your rent or mortgage payments
  • How much council tax you pay
  • Information about any other adults (including any adult children) living with you –
    what is their income from any employment or benefits?
  • If you pay for childcare, how much it costs

If you do not have the exact figures to hand, you can still use the calculator to get an estimate, but the results of your entitlement will not be as accurate.