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We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents

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Share your story

People often think they know what single parents are like without bothering to find out about your lives and your families.

At Gingerbread, we know that single parent families come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone’s story is different. By sharing single parents’ experiences and accounts with the public and with other single parent families, we aim show the real picture of life raising children alone and break down the stigma and stereotype single parents too often face. You can help us.

There are two main ways to share your story:

On our website

We have a collection of single parent stories, yours can be added too.

Sharing your story of life as a single parent on our website can be a fantastic way of inspiring and reassuring other parents raising children on their own – as well as celebrating everything you’ve achieved for your family.

Whether your story is happy, sad, encouraging or challenging, about a specific event, such as moving into work or coming to terms with the end of a relationship, or sharing what everyday life is like for you, we want to hear from you!

Where else we might share your story

  • On our website
  • On social media (Facebook, Twitter, Storify)
  • In marketing and fundraising materials for Gingerbread

If you want to remain anonymous, you don’t have to use your real name, just let us know and we’ll change it for you.

To share your story on our website, please fill in this form.

In the media

At Gingerbread we work hard to promote single parents voices and experiences in the media – to change attitudes and also to challenge government policy. We want you to be able to speak out about the issues affecting single parent families by becoming a Gingerbread media volunteer.

What is a media volunteer?

A media volunteer is someone who agrees to talk to the media about their experiences as a single parent, to give their real life experience of the issues we campaign on.

That could mean speaking to a national newspaper about family finances, or being interviewed on local radio about the challenges of balancing work and family as a single parent. It’s one of the things we do that has the most impact – getting our message out to politicians and reaching more single parents, and our volunteers tell us it’s a great experience:

  • It gives you a sense of pride in your situation.

  • Being a media volunteer has helped my confidence and given me great challenges and experiences, but at my pace.

  • I have had a lot of positive feedback from acquaintances and it has certainly helped to improve my self-esteem. I no longer feel ashamed of needing benefits to help us keep afloat, while working.

How does it work?

Gingerbread is often contacted by journalists who want to get in touch with a single parent to hear their views on a specific issue. We also suggest that journalists speak to single parents on the issues we know are affecting your families – such as childcare costs or the benefit cap.

When this happens, we call on our media volunteers to help us. Our Media Officer will get in touch with a media volunteer, tell them about the opportunity and ask them if they feel able to be involved. If they say yes, we’ll put the journalist in touch with them. Often this will be for an interview which they’ll then use in an article, to arrange for them to appear on the radio talking about a specific issue or sometimes to schedule a time to film with the single parent for a TV news report.

We only ever put forward our media volunteers for pieces which we feel will be fair, balanced and respectful, and are on hand to offer support and advice throughout.

How much time would you need to give?

As much or as little as you were able – in general, talking to a journalist will take no more than a few minutes , although if filming is involved this can take longer. We often need to be able to contact our media volunteers on short notice which can mean we’ll need to speak with our media volunteers during the day. We always try to work around our media volunteers’ family or work schedules and encourage the journalists we speak to to do the same.

To share your story in the media, please fill in this form.

Please be aware that we get lots of submissions and our media officer will only get in touch if your story is relevant to an ongoing or upcoming campaign. If you need advice or support, see our helpline page.

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