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Join a group

It’s easy to join a Gingerbread group and start getting together with local single parent families! Just follow these easy steps:

Become a Gingerbread member

If you want to join a Gingerbread group, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’re a Gingerbread member. Joining Gingerbread is quick, simple and completely free – find out more here.

Find your nearest group

To locate your nearest group, head to our groups map, enter your postcode and the distance you’re able to travel. A list of your closest groups will come up.

Catherine and Sasha

Get in touch with your nearest group

Once you’ve located your nearest group, you’ll be able to access their contact details by clicking on the group name (contact details will only show up if you are logged in to the website). You can then email or call the group co-ordinator and let them know you’re interested in coming along to a meeting.

Go along to a meeting

The group co-ordinator will be able to let you know when and where the group’s next meeting will be. Don’t worry if you feel nervous; it’s natural to be a bit apprehensive the first time you attend a group meeting. But try not to let your nerves put you off – you will be made very welcome, looked after and introduced to everyone else by the group co-ordinator. Groups love to have new members so they’ll be really pleased to meet you!

Most groups meet regularly and it’s nice for group members to get to know each other by attending meetings as often as they can – but don’t worry if you can’t make every meeting. If you’ve got any questions about the meetings, talk to your group co-ordinator.

No group near you? It’s easier than you might think to start your own.

There are lots of Gingerbread groups already meeting all over the country, but if there isn’t a group near you yet there soon could be. Setting up your own group is really easy and we’ll make sure you get all the support you need to make it a success. Find out more about how to start a group.

If you want to start meeting new friends straight away, you can also head to our lively online forums and get talking with single parents both across the country and in your area, you might find some single parents nearby who are interested in setting up a group with you.